Street Style from the Jaipur Literary Festival, With Ishtailista, 2017

Our friends Abhimanyu and Deeksha were shooting at the Literary Fair in Jaipur again this year and asked if we’d like more street-style images of the attendees, as they did for us last year. The literary festival grows bigger by the year, it now attracts huge crowds from all over India and the world.

I know many of you found last year’s coverage by Abhimanyu, featuring his beautifully bright coverage of what women were wearing, a very uplifting and cheerful read during January’s dull (and foggy) weather. So we have a lovely street style inspiration post today, to cheer up your weekend, and Deeksha has written a few paragraphs to capture the mood too. Enjoy!

“What is age? Just the number years that you have lived. This is what these beautiful, older women of the our world made me realize when they attended the 10th Jaipur Literary Festival this January. They flocked over to this land of tradition from all corners of the world and with them they have brought not just their stories, but also their traveller open mindedness.

These women are daughters, mothers and grandmothers, emerging as icons and mentors for their successors. They dress, they read and they have ears and an open mind for everyone who approached them.

Those visiting from colder climes brought with them a hint of spring, with clothes featuring whites, blues and rich red. Those who fully absorbed the culture and traditions of our cold of the peninsular (it gets very cold at night at this time of the year) played along the lines of black, brown and beige with a sprinkle of crafts in the form of tradition embroidery and tie dye.

The silhouettes announced ‘vacation’, but the fabric and silhouette said ‘summer’, with bright scarves and coats wrapped cosily around them.

Like birds, these women have travelled far, blessing us with their intelligence and style. We hope they flock back to us again with new colours and as full life for the 11th anniversary of the festival in 2018.”

Abhimanyu Singh Rathore is a style blogger and photographer at Ishtailista Blog. He is forever on the lookout for current trends and fantastic personal style and loves capturing people on the streets of India. He has a deep appreciation for colorful Indian kitsch. He has also been documenting street style at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival for the last 4 year.

There are more wonderful images over on Abhimanyu’s blog, so do head over there if you’ve enjoyed these.

Deeksha Singhal is currently working as a faculty at INIFD Roorkee, trying generate interest in students regarding fashion, with former experiences at design house and export house.



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