Advanced Skincare Collection from The White Company

Attention womenfolk, this is a good new thing from The White Company.

Advanced Skincare Collection is the brand’s first foray into proper beauty creams, but it has cleverly collaborated with the hottest beauty company around, DECIEM -The Abnormal Beauty Company, to create a well priced, high performance range. If we’re going to be marching outside a lot this year, we’ll need something good to protect our skin from the elements.

It launched last Wednesday (Jan 2017) and the company kindly gave us some products to try. I’ve been very impressed. The Super Balm cleanser is particularly good, it’s a creamy lotion that melts into the skin until it feels like it’s disappeared, then you wash it off with a muslin cloth (or well-worn flannel if you’re like me). It’s gentle, very softly citrus scented and makes a nice change from some of the exfoliating cleansers I usually use. It’s effective too, although I don’t wear loads of make up it copes well with removing my foundation and leaves skin nicely plump.

I also Like the Advanced Hydration, an effective daily moisturiser which I’ve been applying night and day since last week, it’s great on my skin, soothing and plumping my old skin nicely due to aloe vera butter, Amazonian oils (yes, could be beauty-gobblydeegook, but it sounds nice) and rehydrator du jour, hyaluronic acid. It also doubles up as a primer for under foundation, which I like a lot, it leaves a soft, almost velvety feel to the skin and my tinted moisturiser goes smoothly on top.

There’s also a Night Oil, which promises rehydrated and firmer looking skin (due to the anti-oxidating carotenoids) and who isn’t addicted to a night oil now? (please say it’s not just me)

There’s Eye Revive, an eye cream and Hand Elixir, a good hand cream which might be a good entry point to the range if you wanted to try it out. I don’t have sensitive skin, so obvs if you do you might want to go easy.

And just in passing, I’ve been researching the current trend in scent that promotes wellbeing. The Spa Pulse Point Gift set of two roll-on fragrance oils are useful mood enhancers. They both smell lovely; freshly aromatic and very reviving, but they’re also boosted with an essential oil mix that help either perk up a sluggish brain (Spa Restore), or relax a manic one (Spa Relax). Both are useful to have in your bag for those moments when you might need aromatic help.
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