Trend Alert: Sweatshirts are back!

Well of course for some of us they never went away – as there’s nothing I like more than coming home from a hard day at the coalface of fashion, to pull on a grubby old, worn out grey marl sweat shirt with non-matching equally grubby sweat pants. Ahtleisure whatever, I’m all about the comfort at home.

But it’s that time of year, when the sun never seems to shine and Spring seems like a long way off. And unless you are also doing a Year of Buying Nothing, there is nothing better than a new purchase to raise ones spirits. So can I recommend a new sweatshirt. Oversize is key, as is colour. The most fashionable colour is yellow – but if you find it a little harsh on your winter skin, try a nude (or pink if you don’t work in fashion!) or neutral shade. Wear with cropped, slightly flared jeans and a clumpy flat and you will feel instantly revived – or not – as always, it’s your call. But I know I did.

Zara has all the sweatshirts. Enjoy!


  • Sara Mathews says:

    Just ordered the soft yellow, full sleeved Zara sweatshirt. I feel revived just thinking about it.
    Thank you for the usual erudite and accessible fashion advice

  • Rosemary says:

    I’ve never found a sweatshirt yet that didn’t make me look like a harried mother helping with the Scouts’ outing – and those days, thank God, are long gone. I’ll sit this one out, thanks.

  • patricia says:

    Wow!! good looking sweatshirts i love the black it’s a look like chic style and all the posts is good i like your trends it’s look like awesome sweatshirt i never seen before and the yellow hand cuff zip fashion it’s outstanding style, every sweatshirts are looking unique style and design patterns, thanks for sharing good blog.

  • Jess says:

    Sweatshirts are like dresses, they can be combined with almost anything! They can be worn atop something or only with bottoms! I am a big fan of neutral colored styles.
    xo, Jess |

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