FRUU, A Millennial and Vegan Friendly Lip Balm

FRUU is a good new lip balm from an indie cosmetic company which aims to provide good quality, organic and sustainable products at a price well below the fancy stuff that’s out there. I’ve been using the Mango Lip Balm all week, having been given it to try by Theresa Yee, one of the co founders, and it’s excellent. It’s smooth to apply, matte in its finish and comes in cute, easy-to-slip-in-your-pocket packaging so you can have it handy all day. I’m very impressed. Also it’s stupidly good value for money at £2.99.

Fessing up, I know Theresa, she’s the beauty editor at WGSN and a very knowledgeable and passionate beauty geek. She has teamed up with a cosmetic scientist to create FRUU, a brand that wants to create fun, sustainable products that work and are affordable. The brand has already won the Shell LIVEwire award for sustainable startups, previous alumni include Innocent Smoothies so, y’know…

This is brilliantly suitable for Millennials, particularly vegan/veggie/Plant Earth loving ones. I’ve got a few in my orbit currently, they are absolutely committed to sourcing sustainable products and have no truck with the old ways of beauty marketing, which none of them believe. They want better prices, trackable supply chains, vegan friendly ingredients, honesty in the descriptions, a sense of fun and are not easily hoodwinked. FRUU is the ideal product to suggest to them, while gaining brownie points of your own for knowing about it before they do. Buy here.


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