Poo Pourri – An effective way of keeping your bathroom smelling good.

Poo Pourri. Yes, it really is a ‘thing’ and a good one, too.

If, like me, you have a number of men around the house with robust appetites, you’ll know the, ahem, consequences of this can be unpleasantly aromatic. Well, Poo Pourri is a fantastically effective way of keeping the loo smelling fragrant. Made from a blend of natural essential oils, you simply spray the toilet bowl before any action and the oily scent mix holds the odors below the waterline, so all unpleasant smells are kept submerged, as it were.

It works really well. I’ve been using the original citrus scent all week and the loo smells fresh, lemony and is generally a much nicer place to be. There are other scents, many wittily named; Royal Flush, Deja-Poo and Trap-A-Crap being just three. I bought mine from Amazon here, at £7.63, but it’s an American company, so I suspect if you have friends stateside it may be cheaper over there. Cheaper than our previous recommendation, the stylish but pricey Aesop Post Poo Drops.



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