Older Models Looking Awesome With Lonely Lingerie

Older models are happening again, there were some great examples on the catwalks (Dries Van Noten was our favourite) and I was really thrilled to see older models featured in a lingerie campaign this week. The gorgeous Mercy Brewer, seen here wearing lingerie from the SS17 collection by Lonely, is 56, the same age as me. If I looked as good as Mercy does in my pants, I’d be wandering around the house wearing nothing else. Well maybe not quite, but you know what I mean.

Lonely lingerie is a New Zealand brand well known for its inclusive marketing campaigns, its Lonely Girls project features lovely looking ordinary girls wearing the lingerie to promote a positive message on body image, you may have seen the one featuring Lena Dunham. It reminds me a little of the What’s Underneath project by the excellent Stylelikeu team.

These images of Mercy really, really made me want to buy. I think she looks amazing and I definitely am uplifted (no pun intended) by seeing a gorgeous older woman in product that I could wear. I can’t think of another campaign that has used older women in a lingerie ad, can you?

I would probably have ignored the pants if they’d been shot on skinny 23yr olds, but seeing Mercy totally rock the shapes made me stop and engage with the range. There’s nothing patronising or cliched about how Mercy is shot either, she wears the designs so naturally but without compromise, no airbrushing, no shying away from soft skin and grey hair, just a great, aspirational image of a woman looking terrific in her pants.

I mean, it’s a no brainer, right? Show us older women other older women looking amazing in stuff and we’ll connect…It’s not rocket science.

Lonely lingerie is gorgeous, feminine but in a grown up way, and it’s available from Net-A-Porter, for those thinking they deserve something lovely to wear this weekend.

All images by Harry Were for Lonely
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  • Sue Evans says:

    Hope they do big sizes too …….

  • jane says:

    There was the American apparel ad featuring an older model though the less said about that company the better!

  • Sarah says:

    She looks terrific and the underwear is really stylish. Nice retro/bondage vibe.
    The Lonely web site is a revelation, really refreshing to see all those un airbrushed women.
    Could this catch on? Heres hoping.

  • Malika says:

    Yes I agree but her facial expression is so sour! Or is just me?

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