Temptation At Teatime From Joseph

So, here we are, last day on month three of No New (quarter way through!) and I am feeling quite smug on buying nothing. Well, mostly.

There have been temptations. I’ve been to a number of fragrance and fashion appointments at Fenwicks Bond Street’s second floor cafe this month, which means I have to walk passed the always nicely merchandised Joseph concession. Three mannequins are displayed in front of the cafe and they have been consistently dressed in the simplest and chicest ensembles recently, looking exactly right for what you’d want to be wearing to attend said fragrance/fashion appointments.

I’ve had to restrict myself to stroking the sweaters, admiring the crisp cottons on the shirts and straightening the shoulders of the clean-cut pea coat on the mannequins (old VM habits die hard) as they seductively beckon me, like sartorialist mermaids, onto the rocks of consumer temptation. I am particularly taken with the roll neck sweater (despite the odd, artful sleeve tie) and the tie front sun dress in navy cotton jersy, which is so perfect, with that easy- fit front ribbon detail.

There’s a great sense of ease and casual smartness to the selection I’ve been seeing, together with a sense of modernness that’s not too out there. Sweatshirts, as we  all know from Jane’s recent post, are a key item this season, but despite what Vetements says, sometimes they can look like you’ve just raided youngestson’s wardrobe for his cast-offs. The tie detail on the front of the one below makes it look as if you own the item. if I was buying sweatshirts, this is the one I’d go for.

I’ve kept out of shops to avoid temptation, but I do scan websites a bit more frequently than I did before, to get a kind of fashion-porn hit of newness and inspiration.

Joseph has more simple smartness coming for summer, with a fabulous white linen summer dress (I’m slightly obsessed with all white dressing currently) and cracking leather sandals. Altogether a very good selection of wearable clothes. I just hope they will be as good next spring!


  • Mrs P says:

    I am full of admiration at your ability to stick to your No New resolution. Particularly in the face of all that beautiful Joseph stuff. I think I love everything!

  • LMG says:

    Joseph will make nice stuff next year, you’re doing really well. I’m giving myself a tiny monthly budget so I can still enjoy the occasional shop and really need to think about what I buy – haven’t bought anything yet though!

  • amanda says:

    Thanks for the kind words womenfolk, you have no idea how much it helps reading your support! And you are right LMG, Joseph will still be there next years Ax

  • Monix says:

    Goodness – how I hate those “artful” sleeves on everything right now – perfect for trailing in ink/food/make-up, they don’t fit under jackets and they become grubby in seconds – bah!
    On the other sleeve (I know, I know) I too am in total awe of your self-control and commitment.

  • Poppyseedbagel says:

    I’m still sticking to it too, although my get-out of ‘replacements are allowed’ means I’ve bought a bag (have to have a bag and the zip broke irreparably on my previous one) and some shoes (previous summer loafers died after being worn to death). And I’ve just started knitting a simple short sleeved cotton jumper as I couldn’t find just what I wanted in the West End.

    But… I had a look round the shops in a local upmarket town on Friday. I came across some lovely things – then in all cases, I realised I already have something very similar. I just have to wear them…

    I’ve doing not buying Stuff is surprisingly liberating- last Friday I’d decided that if there was something I really loved, that really added something, I would get it – but there was nothing that fell into that category.

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