Mantlescaping and Tablescaping for Autumn

After Frieze Art Fair last week I popped over to the Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair in Battersea Park. I’d always wanted to go but never had, this season I rectified that and picked up a few decorative tips.

After the fashion-fabulousness of Frieze, the Battersea Fair was like something charmingly stuck in time, inhabited by tweed-and-cravat wearing dealers peddling antiques most of us would now search for on eBay. Imagine a very posh village fair somewhere in the Cotswolds, with less bunting. There were a few cool exceptions however (looking at you @Sumason and @bleuanglais), and one thing all these stallholders are experts at is giving a good tablescape and I can never get enough of good mantlescaping/ tablescaping inspo.

I snapped a few images which I’m sharing with you here, so enjoy!

Distressed, vintage wallpaper hung behind framed pictures? Excuse me while I just head to eBay for ‘old floral wallpaper rolls’. It’s been mounted on a fine hessian for strength, I notice.

Collection-art, closely hung to create one large whole. Covers a damp patch well. Like the colour-coordinated glass too.

Mantlescaping with lots of lamps. I love this. The above images doesn’t quite show the divine feather lampshade on the right, but we all need one of these. The mirrored doors are also a clever way to add depth and interest to a boring space.

Mid century art and colours with neat hanging lamp positioning.

I’ve never been a fan of hanging quilts, but this looks so colourful and interesting I might change my mind.

Layered textured textiles, in this case original Boro over vintage indigo Chinese prints from Bleu Anglais.

For anyone with old ballet shoes hanging around, they are officially decoratives. Expensive ones at that. Just saying.

I’d never seen this succulent before, it was everywhere. Either someone had bought a job lot or its a very hot-right-now plant. it’s called a Kalanchoe luciae Flapjack.

If in doubt, fill your decoratives with ferns, the other trending plant. What are you putting on your tables at the moment?




  • Sue says:

    I probably wouldn’t have considered this (my house is far too cluttered despite my best efforts to keep things under control) but, it reminds me of that bit in the Dries van Noten doc where he is arranging things so precisely. And, his house is just perfect.

  • Amanda says:

    Excellent point Sue! You’ve just enable my obsession there in one sentence….Ax

  • kirsty says:

    i love this, especially the one with all the fruits! stunning!

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