The pursuit of Craft

In a world where we are constantly doing lots of things at once, the dream is to do one thing well. Especially something creative. Fantasies about slowing down, living by the sea and devoting time to the pursuit of creativity and craft seem to become every more prevalent as one gets older.

This beautiful; film directed by Taylor Hawkins and produced by Steve Sakanashi, showcases the work of master artisan Keikou Tanabe.

Keikou Tanabe uses the Yuzen Dyeing process to make Kimonos, a technique that was introduced to Japan from the continent in the 8th century and requires the artist to apply dyes to the fabric in order to depict cultural life in Japan. Although there are very few craftsmen left, Keikou still creates the beautiful one of a kind garments and has huge passion for her craft and pursuit of creativity.

Enjoy ……


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