Cool Style For Hot Days…Dressing For The Continued Heatwave

Do you think there’s anything in the fact that we’re still stuck in a 70s vibe, fashion wise and the last time the weather was like this was in 1976? Just a thought.

Ace & Jig is a brand that seems to do that whole cross-age dressing – particularly for summer- without really trying. Admittedly its languid Autumn campaign above, with its 70s colour scheme and Joni Mitchell, Ladies of The Canyon feel has used younger models, but hold your hand over the heads of all those gorgeous girls for a moment and these style could easily be worn by grown ups.

I’ve nearly run out of summer outfits, particularly for work and I’ve been eyeing up the new Ace & Jig collection of wearable shapes and colours with an eye to buy and yes, the nostalgic pull of those colours and shapes I wore during that first heatwave are an influence.

I’m such a fan of the cheerful, almost home-spun vibe of the small US brand, which has become super-popular since its came over to the UK in 2015. At the time, Jenna and Cary’s policy of working with their weavers and makers in India to create a transparent and sustainable-as-possible supply chain seemed charming rather than strategic, but now we’ve moved the ‘who made my clothes’ question much further up our shopping lists, and the duo are looking like super-relevant and conscientious brand leaders.

For those of you who go to shops IRL, Matches boutiques ran a wonderful window campaign earlier in the summer where the brand’s gloriously colourful weaves and checks were championed.

Recently they’ve started a #nowaste campaign where all of the scraps used in the brand’s make process are recycled, as they’ve worked out that between 10- 30% of fabric is wasted during the cutting-out process. They’ve collaborated with artists to interpret the scrap fabrics and this autumn there’s a great mini collection of jackets and waistcoats by artist Natalie Ebough (above).  They’ve also built up their community to include quilting groups and schools who get regular donations to use (sadly this is only in the US). They also make bunting, which all brands should be forced to do with their scraps, it would make the world a better place, surely?

Anyway, back to matters hot. I love the easy, geometric weave Daze dress, inspired by the abstract expressionist painter Ann Ryan, which looks both cool and soft-smart, and you can big up the semi-intellectual art connection every time someone says they like your dress. More here on Ann Ryan’s work.

I’m also in love with this soft blue check Farrah shirt, whose soft cotton weave would wick away sweat and leave you looking cool, it would look fab with jeans too, when it’s cool enough to wear them again.

Everyone’s into yellow currently, I blame Amal Clooney’s wedding outfit. If you’re keen, this golden, ochre stripe dress looks flattering and is in mellower tones than some the acid-bright yellows I’ve seen. So let’s keep it calm in the heat.

Finally, the charm of oversized gingham has me hovering over the buy-now button for this Austin checked dress, which does not have to be belted, it can be worn loose and would be so easy to slot into my wardrobe. I can imagine throwing a simple black cotton jacket over it for work related events, or wafting around an Italian flea market in my holiday day-dreams.

If you’re quick, there are a few good Ace & Jig pieces from the summer collection left in the sale


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