Guest Post: Denim Expert Sue Barrett on The Great

We’re excited to introduce you to the ultra stylish denim expert Sue Barrett, who is our new guest blogger on all things indigo. Sue is one of the trend forecasting world’s most respected denim heads and because she’s a proper grown up, she understands that the jeans market is not all about young bottoms. Her occasional series of guest posts will introduce you to some wearable, cool denim brands. Hold on to your credit cards….

You know that feeling of discovering a new, but pre-loved (industry code for ‘second hand’) must-have for your wardrobe. It’s a lifetime’s work finding that denim shirt or perfect boyfriend jean that looks like all the Pinterest posts of a perfect life/summer/beach/party/chill-out.

Well that’s exactly what I felt when I picked up a sweatshirt in Selfridges last summer with THE GREAT printed on the back and front. I immediately knew it would fit like an old favourite and would become a great friend. I didn’t buy it though, as it was a price-point that made you stop and think ‘do I really need it?’. Of course, it’s now the sweatshirt I keep hunting the internet for as I wish I’d bought it.

Then I came across a shirt by the same brand. There was something unusually great about the proportions and positioning of the pockets, the comfortable depth of the sleeve-opening, the aged wash levels. So I did some research on the creatives behind the brand.

The designers are Emily Current + Meritt Elliott, the creative heads behind LA denim brand Current Elliott. So it made sense to me why the products that had caught my eye were so enticing.

I’m a total vintage fan so for me and other vintage-enthusiasts, LA is one of the destinations for vintage sourcing. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few very happy sun-drenched Sundays at the Rosebowl flea-market in Los Angeles (above, second Sunday of every month) and some of my greatest treasures keep those memories alive from the back of my wardrobe.

When you copy, uncompromisingly, from hand-picked vintage garments, you achieve a unique level of design that stands out from the crowd. For most brands, these vintage details are added to existing best-selling blocks but that sadly often dilutes something of the original magic of the hunted-down vintage treasure.

My favourite item from The Great is still their sweatshirt style, which takes inspiration from the best iconic American sports pieces and give them some pre-loved detailing, such as the worn down split detail at the cuff.

Tis the season to be merry, but also to have an eye on what you want to pounce on once the sales start.

I’m watching the all-over-indigo-hearts-on-grey-marl-matching-set. After all, self-gifting in the sale is still part of Christmas, isn’t it? (Ahem, we’re also watching the spotty shirt and the striped T shirt. Also the shirt above is already in the Matches sale.)

If, like me, you yearn for sunny days and vintage, then be warned. The Great’s instagram feed tantalisingly captures sunshine, carefree spirit, design freedom and the fun of evolving great vintage into great new designs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Oh and did I also mention they have a section on their website called The Great Finds for selling on some of their vintage treasures. They’re inspired me to add pink laces to all my converse now….. oh dear!

A few more The Great shapes worth watching below., some of which are already on sale (just sayin)
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