Alternative Christmas planning: in praise of ‘box set clothing’

yasmin_le_bonObvs, I’m looking forward to Christmas, of course I am. Nothing pleases me more than having to buy, wrap, hide and then place secretly around the Christmas tree, perfectly pitched presents for my loved ones (yes I still do the whole hiding thing even though my children are practically grown up). Then there’s the cooking for 20 people, the general ‘being a fabulous hostess’ thing when they all arrive, the clearing up, the washing up (as I write this my washing machine has died, a replacement is promised before the Christmas break, but who are we kidding here…it’s a doomed delivery) and every other sort of ‘Christmas joy’ that requires me to be attentive and slightly in control.

My absolute favourite bit of Christmas is when all this is over. When the festive visitors have gone home, we’re living on leftover Christmas/Boxing day food and think nothing of having a bowl of tiramisu for breakfast. When no one needs anything and deadlines are a week away, THIS is my favourite time, because this is box set time. it’s a newish Christmas tradition in our house and I’m actively encouraging you take it up too.

There are two or three days if you are lucky, when it is perfectly acceptable to slump on the sofa and watch back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or any other TV series you never had time to watch when everyone else was talking about it.

However, in order to look as if you are not using the sofa as an alternative bed, you might want to forego your ancient nightwear and invest in something a little more glamourous. I’m calling this ‘box-set-wear’ and have one eye on the fact that retailers have started their sales early and this might be a nice time to treat yourself. We’re helpful like that here at TWR.

I’m not suggesting we all aspire to look as fab as Yasmin Le Bon (above) does in her Winser London cosy scarf and sweater, although the giant cashmere blanket wrap is appealing, but a little extra attention doesn’t do any harm.


While doing Christmas-in-July, we had the chance to stroke the amazingly cosy Marks & Spencer hooded luxury Rosie for Autograph dressing gown, designed by model Rosie Huntington-Whitely (I am assured) as something snugly she could throw on when she was on a shoot having her make up done. The fabric is unbelievably downy soft and it is possible you might never want to take it off. I like it because it comes in black, so both sophisticated-but-cosy looking.

I wont use the O word, but the idea of being wrapped head-to-toe in camel cashmere sounds appealing too, as seen at M&SThe White Company does a nice version in jersey.

winser_on_twrComfy waistlines are essential in almost-dressed-wear, so check out COS’s wool cashmere leggings, which are not too off-for-a-run like but still shapely. I’ve been given a pair of Hanro silk and wool leggings which are very snugly and can we worn under jeans when it gets cold outside. And the Winser London short cape is the perfect comfy foil to throw over your nightie/PJs to convince the world you are actually wearing day-clothes.

Then once you are box-set-ready clothes wise, what to watch? I’m going to work my way through Mad Men series 7, Orange is the New Black and True Detective. You?




  • Sue says:

    I so agree. Afterwards is just the best. ( And, I love how London is eerily empty between Christmas and New Year and is therefore the perfect time to visit). And, how spooky – we have True Detective as our box set-in-waiting, too. Not sure about all that cashmere shlumphing about stuff, though. I might look a bit like a potato rather than YLB.Hope you have an enjoyable break.

  • Monix says:

    And the “monix” household has “MadMen” lined up! Suspect if I got “box set wear” I’d never wear anything else again…

  • Amanda says:

    You are so on trend Sue and Mon, I can feel the pull of Mad Men already, it arrived today…perhaps just one episode before Christmas? A

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