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When we first got a caravan, we were met with looks of horror when we mentioned it. You could almost see the images in peoples heads. Naff caravan parks, hideous interiors, jolly middle aged people in beige firing up the BBQ. 
Within half an hour of guests turning up at our caravan, their pre-concieved ideas are dispelled, as they settle into a deckchair on the deck, with a glass of Rose and gaze out to sea. The interior is actually hideous but we dont care, our visits are more about enjoying the great outdoors and getting some well earned R&R, than worrying about the state of our soft furnishings (although, I have bought the odd Welsh blanket and crochet throw, to brighten the place up a bit).

If you fancy the idea of a hassle free caravan holiday (with style) and are not quite ready to commit to buying one, Lovelane caravans is the perfect solution. They have restored a small selction of classic caravans and kept them as original as possible, individually decorating them to suit their charcater. Kitted out with everything you might need for an authetic caravanning holiday, such as bed linen, BBQ, outside seating and awning, all you need to take are your clothes and towels.

Set in Cornwall, the company have established relationships with what they consider to be the best beach side and off the beaten track campsites, but they will also set up their caravans at the venue of your choice. They describe renting one of their caravans as "a bit like having a jolly good boutique hotel room wherever you wish, and provides the fun and freedom of caravanning without the headache of packing the car and towing them around."

We think the best thing about caravaning as opposed to camping, is, if it rains at least you stay dry (if a little stir crazy!!) and it can't help but transport you back to those days of childhood caravan holidays. Think tinned meatballs, Angel Delight and Cluedo!!

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