We love: rum punch


While marooned here in the Caribbean, we have been sustained by Venesa's rum punch, which she makes in large containerfuls and stores in the fridge. After a couple of weeks of regular daily hits, we've developed something of a rum punch habit that is going to need swift curtailing once we get back home (IF we ever get back home).

When you start talking rum in the Caribbean, everyone has an opinion. Our favourite dark rum is Mount Gay (pronounced mungy), but others talk enthusiastically about a deadly strong one called Sunset from St Vincent ….

Venesa has kindly given TWR a copy of her recipe, which we are happy to share with you.

Rum Punch

One measure each of the following: orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice,

One measure of rum, made up of half dark and half light rum (more if it's been a bad day)

A couple of drops of drop of angostura bitters and a couple of drops of Grenadine

Sugar syrup (Venesa makes her own) to taste, start with a quarter measure and keep going until you are happy.

Shake, chill and pour into long glasses over ice, with lavish gratings of fresh nutmeg on top.

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