Instructions For A Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell

This is the very first Maggie O’ Farrell book I’ve read, and it wont be the last, this is a book I would put into the ‘don’t want the bus/train journey to end because I don’t want to stop reading ‘ category. I’m clearly very late to the party here.

Maggie writes characters so fully formed that I found myself wanting to reach into the book and either 1) hug them, 2) shake them into action or 3) shout loudly ‘pull yourself together!’ at them. I got completely engaged with this story, at one point I really did NEED to tell one of the women character’s that she was obviously dyslexic and I knew someone who could help…which is mad, but clearly you have to strap yourself in for a O’Farrell book, it’s like you are in the room with them.

Also, it’s set in 1976. during the heatwave that I remember like it was yesterday, every summer a little bit of me hopes it’ll be as hot as the year I sat my O levels and swapped glasses for contact lenses.

We were very kindly given an advanced copy of this book, it’s out after Christmas, in Feb 2013, so pre order it here. Now excuse me while I go and buy up every O’Farrell book I’ve missed up to now.

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  • Kate Smith says:

    I was pleased to read this review as I have been waiting for this novel to come out with anticipation. I have read ALL Maggie O’Farrells novels practically one after the other. She offers a great read, as you say, with really engaging characters and page-turning plots. Can’t wait to read this one!

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