TWR on holiday: Forte dei Marmi, Italy

Beach huts

This week Jane and I start reporting from our holiday destinations as we attempt to ‘blog on the go’ while we are Ladies On Tour, so to speak. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all works smoothly as internet connections are promised from most destinations, but you never know…..bear with us if we get some glitches.

This week Amanda is in Northern Italy, where an unusually hot July is causing some concern amongst the Italians, they are thinking ‘it’s great but what will August (prime holiday month) be like?’

First stop is Forte dei Marmi, which is about as glamourous an Italian resort as I have ever been to, with each scrap of sandy beach controlled by a family-run Bagno. There are 100 along the Forte dei Marmi coast here and each one is different, with chic umbrellas, beach huts and sun loungers painted up in the family colours. There are hints of the 1920s in some of the fonts and colours used in the signage and each one is fiercely proud of its position on the beach and the facilities offered, which range from simple showers and snacks to volley ball courts, a lido and Michelin-star standard food.

Forte Dei marmi
We are using the Marechiaro, which has the best lunch and the most beautiful coloured huts (above). Service is terrific and after a glass of rose and a plate of fritto misto at lunch, you marvel at the Italian’s sophisticated angle on beach side living. Bogner Regis it ain’t.

Here are a few of the picturesque Bagnis we see as we do our morning cycle into the town.

Fote Dei Marmi

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