We love: the ultimate UK beach hut

We are now in full on holiday mode and after Amanda's post yesterday, have serious beach hut envy. I have talked of my love beach huts before and have aspirations to spend my old age brewing tea in a Southwold hut.  

When our mate Philippa told us about Nina from Studiomama's super modern beach hut on the sea front in Whitstable, we realised the whole wooden shed by the sea concept, has moved onto a new level. Her stunning 388 ft structure is located between a row of 25 chalets, built on galvanized steel slits and clad with ceder shingles. She and her husband sleep in a raised loft and her two children on bunk beds.The family escape from London every weekend to beach comb, swim in the sea and cook local food.

We love the combination of simple design and harmony with nature. We may have to re-think our retirement beach hut plans!

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