Shopping with experts: WR reader Zoe


We really do have the loveliest readers. Last week, on a particularly grey and rainy day, when we were feeling a bit down in the dumps and Autumnal, we got an email from Zoe, a reader from Northampton who had read my post about not being able to find a pair of Church's Chelsea boots anywhere. It turns out she lives very near the Church's Factory Shop in Northampton and very kindly offered to go and see if she could find the boots.

Now Amanda and I thought we were shopping experts and knew all the secret factory shops in the UK and beyond, but this one had definitely passed us by. 

The lovely Zoe did indeed go along and sadly, they only had a very small pair, which much as I would have liked to cram my feet into them, I knew it would end in tears. But the fact that they actually had a pair, on a shelf in a warehouse, meant I had to restrain myself from jumping on a train to Northampton to harass the warehouse manager and rummage through the shelves myself.

Apparently they don't actually make the ladies shoes there, they are made in the Prada factory in Italy (they just get better and better) but they do have a few women's shoes in the factory shop.

Let us know if you have any undiscovered factory shops tucked away near you?

Spencer Street
St James
NorthamptonNN5 5JB

Opening Hours…Mon-Fri 9.30-4-30 and Sat 9.30- 2

01604 593313 or email them on [email protected].

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