Street shots: Japan….ginko trees, hats and art classes

Hats and art

More photos from Tokyo, this time looking at how the Japanese love a bit of nature-admiring. By total accident, MAD and I discovered a celebrated stretch of ginko trees in Tokyo that were the centre of attention for their show stopping autumnal colour change.

The (slightly more mature) residents of Tokyo were out in force to admire the short-lived blast of buttery yellow colour. Art classes were everywhere and with that came a chance to appreciate the rather wonderful accessories needed to paint on the go, including the variety of hats the ladies wore as part on the uniform.  

Ginko trees

The ginko trees go a rather beautiful shade of yellow, and have a great shape. 


The Japanese have art appreciation in their DNA, almost everyone seems to be able to draw or paint brilliantly.

Art and teacher

This chap won the 'painting outfit of the day' award.


Is this a Burberry trimmed suitcase?

Even the little ones had rather smart, colour-coordinated-to-match-the-environment hats to wear.

Not everyone painted, there were plenty of texters too…..but still wearing hats!

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  • Emery Sprau says:

    The Japanese kids' with their lovable hats, it just melts my heart to see how adorable and cute they are. These hats are definitely part of the Japanese culture, and thus far, one of the cutest.

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