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I came across the photographer Gabriela Hasbun recently and loved both her stunning images and the stories behind them. The Mission Street series captures the essence of the many small businesses that have provided high quality goods and services in the Mission Street area of San Francisco for over 25 years. Known as the 'Mission Miracle Mile', the area was previously second only to Union Square as a destination shopping area. Sadly many of the businesses have now closed.

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The images reminded of the photographs by Issy Oakes, who has documented the shop keepers in my local community.

Stoke Newington Church Street is one of the few London High Streets which isn't over run with faceless corporate chains and is a bustling, friendly area, full of really useful independently run businesses, some of whom have been there for at least 20 years.

The People of Stoke Newington is lovely photographic project dedicated to the local shop keepers who help create a truly unique community and maintain a sense of identity.

My favourite is the image of the man who owns the hoover shop. It is the messiest shop I have ever been in (he has clearly tidied his desk for the photograph!), but he can always find a bag for your hoover and probably has some left over from the 60's at the bottom of one of those piles. There are always several old men hanging out in there, chatting, and their sarcastic banter cheers up any visit. 

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