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If you are fan of minimal interiors, look away now, as this is about as over the top as it gets. The fabulous new luxury interior company, House of Hackney launched yesterday with a pop up shop in Dalston.

It’s really more of a show room/installation than a shop, as you can’t actually buy anything there. A bit like a museum (on acid) with everything laid out in room sets, the collection is explained by the charming staff and you then head home to buy online.

We think we will see more of this style of retailing in the future, as clever companies will create amazing interactive experiences, allowing you to view the product in a curated environment and then purchase later online.

The House of Hackney describe their collection as  “Conceived as the antethesis of disposable identikit furnishings and white wall fatigue, the home furnishings, wallpaper and textiles are characterized by prints and products that are steeped in tradition but are bold and non-conformist”.

The whole experience reminded us of visiting Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields and the 40 Winks Hotel in Stepney. The stunning collections of wallpaper, fabrics, soft furnishings and furniture are named after local landmarks such as Hackney Empire and Dalston Rose, and we loved the maximalist mantelpieces, crammed with huge ornate ceramics, clocks, apothecary bottles and china dogs.

House of Hackney Hackney Empire
The pop up is in Ruby House, one of the amazing locations owned by Castle Gibson and it’s worth a visit just to see this stunning Victorian townhouse.

Dalston Rose
In the basement cake specialists Lily Vanilli have set up a ‘British Tea Room’, where for £10, you can indulge in goodies such as mini apple champagne donuts and absinthe and mint chocolate chip ice-cream, accompanied by live acts including Marawa the Incredible and her Fruit Salad of Death and a Live Fortune Cookie Teller!

House of Hackney tea room

If you live in north or east London, or fancy a trek to the increasingly fashionable Dalston (which is a little ironic, if like me, you have lived in the area for the last 20 years) it’s really worth a visit and you could always make an appointment to visit LN-CC which is just around the corner.

House of Hackney Pop-up Shop
76 Stoke Newington Road,
N16 7XB
Until Sunday 3rd April
10am- 7pm


  • Becky says:

    What a wonderful place – I wish I could visit. I have never been happy with the minimalist interiors look, far too cold and unwelcoming to my eyes. Colour, pattern, nick nacks – that's where it's at ! I love it.

  • amanda says:

    Oh my goodness, why do we never get exciting events like this in Barnes? I think I may have to move East. Ax

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