Shopping with experts: LUCZA

e racer back silk maxi dress, also available in jersey

I was much taken with That’s Not My Age’s austerity dressing idea recently and as this year is likely to be pretty light on spare cash to flash about on clothes, anyone who produces a range that multi-functions in terms of usage, get’s my attention. Karen Schofield’s new range LUCZA is small but every piece is well thought out and will earn its keep in your wardrobe.

Karen started the range as a gap-filler for when she got home from work and wanted to change into something comfortable but still glamourous. She couldn’t find anything on the market that she liked so produced a collection of easy shapes in gorgeous fabrics which unfortunately gets given the label loungewear. Ignore this marketing categorisation, apart from Karen I know absolutely no one who is motivated enough to change into silk trousers on their return from the office, although I am full of admiration for anyone who does.

What this range contains is brilliant tunic tops, dresses and trousers that will take you pretty much everywhere, any weekend event, to the beach, to supper, to yoga and even to bed (the long tops can double as nighties). The shapes are very well thought out for anyone with a bust and a bum (some of the silk and all of the jersey dresses and tops have built in, adjustable bras and are ‘generously cut for real people’ according to Karen) and it can all be worn together. The whole range feels very slightly sexy, but due to cut and drape rather than being too body-con.

I really loved the fabrics; the thick satin backed silk contains 5% elastin, which means it holds its shape and is slightly supportive, the modal jersey is heavy and contains 10% elastin so again will never ‘flop’ out of shape. Both fabric and production is done in the UK (fabric is from Leicester, sewing is in London) which feels a good thing. There is a refreshing lack of twiddly detail, shapes are clean and simple and the colours are deliberately ‘useful’ to slot into existing wardrobes, the blue is particularly flattering.

The shapes that have been selling well in the short time LUCZA has been up and running are the jersey palazzo pants, which have a fold up waist band (perfect for pilates/yoga or wearing under the tunic tops), the peasant blouse in silk, and the racer back maxi dress in both silk and jersey (I bought this in the black jersey for my hols, it is going to multi function as a day and evening number).

I think the extra long leggings, with a scrunch up bit around the ankles look fantastic to wear for yoga or under dresses, and the built in bra makes the racerback top a wearable summer T shirt shape.

Altogether great shapes that are worth investing in, wether you have a lounge or not. Currently available on line only, the service is next day delivery and comes beautifully packaged.

The built in, adjustable bra in the silk version of the racerback maxi dress.



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