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Here at TWR we are getting excited about our imminent relaunch (yes, we know it's been a long time in the talking, we've been busy, right?) when we will be presenting a whole new look blog. Basically the same but prettier and a little bigger. 

When we do relaunch (ETA beginning of June) we will be revamping our 'blogs we love' list, making it easier to read and research from. On it will be the terrific Edible Geography blog by Nicola Twilley. I discovered this recently while researching for the day job and was blown away by the interesting subjects she covers on all things food related. Be warned, this is not a recipe blog, rather it's a thoughtful look at the world of agriculture, science, wine growing, food production and food design. And all sorts of other things food related. 

I lost an afternoon reading blog posts, in particular the amazingly whacky but charming Photosynthesis restaurant by artist Jonathon Keats (a restaurant of altered sunshine for plants), the frankly amazing story of Atomic Gardens, and how radiation is still playing a big part in producing mutant seeds for industry. After that it's worth looking at the Mutato Archive and worrying a little…..

Edible Geography

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  • Emma says:

    can't wait to see the new look blog. you are always inspiring me, so am excited about what comes next!

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