Shopping with experts: Wallis for winter


Yesterday Jane mentioned how enthusiastic we are about coloured trousers, well the good news is the trend is here to stay for a bit. Above is my favourite outfit from Wallis’s autumn winter press day last week, it’s from the 1923 collection, which we’ve loved since its launch last winter. The soft tweedy tunic and trousers are straight out of the 60s, the lining is in satin and the tailoring detail on the tunic makes the fit very flattering. Below is a shift dress from the same 1923 range, which has chiffon sleeves, I really want this now. Design director Clive Reeve explained that the 1923 collection sold stupendously well for summer, with one of the print dresses selling out within a week and a half. Fabrics and production on the 1923 collection aims to be top-of-the-range, which is more appealing to us fussy birds who have learnt through experience it’s not worth buying anything in a rubbish fabric. His advice is to buy the range on line, as it does sell out darn quick.

Other gems in the Wallis collection include lots of tunic shape dresses to wear over trousers, a look that suits us just fine. Colour blocking is everywhere for winter, and we like what Wallis has done with the idea, using rusts and blacks as well as brights.

We also met brand director Anne Secunda at the press day, who is seen below, cuddling Clive, in a black tunic dress with embellished sleeves from the winter collection. Below that is Wallis pattern cutter Lorraine Leckenby, who we also thought looked very chic in her Red or Dead vintage shoes, Firetrap black jeans and cream chiffon Topshop blouse. She couldn’t remember where the textured cropped jacket was from but her new glasses are from Carlotta’s Village. Good to know Wallis is in such stylish hands.


The Wallis crew, Clive Reeve, design director and Anna Secunda, brand director, and below them Lorraine Leckenby, Pattern cutter.



  • Becky says:

    Those Carlotta's Village glasses are gorgeous – do you have any idea of any of the stockists ? I'd love to try some on in the summer. Thanks x

  • Lorraine says:

    I got them in 20 20 Optical Store, Tottenham Court Road.

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