We love: Iris Apfel’s jewellery range

We are huge fans of style icon Iris Apfel and love her clever use of colour and eclectic way of dressing.

An inspiration for many years in the fashion and textile world, she had an exhibition devoted to her vast unconventional wardrobe at the NY Met Museum in 2005. Now at the age of 90 she is about to launch her own range of jewellery for the Home Style Network in America. The collection of 13 pieces called, Rara Avis will launch in September and prices will range from $20 to $180.

In an interview with Architectural Digest recently, she explained why she likes fake jewellery rather than the real thing. ‘My husband, Carl, is a very lucky man,’ she said. ‘Diamond necklaces don’t appeal to me at all. I prefer fun jewelry with big stones – so large they would be untouchable if they were real’.

Iris Apfel jewlleryShe also talked about how she has always made her own clothes and jewellery. ‘I used to take those beige cardboard tubes that are used for masking tape and draw designs on them with black pens and wear them as bracelets. I have a whole collection of those. You can make all kinds of wonderful stuff. All you need is a little imagination. I don’t know what happens to people’s imaginations. We have it when we’re young, but so many lose it when we grow up.’

We so agree and can’t wait to see the range, we just have to find a way to buy it!


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