What’s All The Hype About Heist Tights?

As an avid opaque tight wearing person, I was curious to discover what all the hype was over the new Heist tights. First those adverts of leaping topless women caused a bit of a stir on the underground (the company had to add bandeau tops to the women in the advertising) then they appeared to sponsor every podcast I listened to.

I love an upgraded basic, who doesn’t want the perfect pair of black opaque tights? I’d much rather spend a bit more money on making something I’m going to wear every day that little bit more wonderful. So I bought two pairs, one 50 (£20) and one 80 (£22) denier pair.

My order arrived swiftly and in packaging that made me smile with delight, cute animated women of all shades prancing about joyfully on the simple plastic wrapper. Inside, the beautiful pink box presented the two pairs of tights like they were expensive silk scarves, folded carefully into paper envelopes and given enough room to impress you with their touchy-feely softness. And I am sure I’m not the only person who looked at the pink of the box and thought ‘that’s the perfect shade for the bathroom/inside the kitchen cupboards/ hallway.’

Each pair comes with its own washing and storing bag, clearly labelled, so no more rummaging about in the semi-dark on cold mornings trying to find the perfect tights to wear. And washing them in the bag seems such a sensible idea when you think about it.

So far, so good.

I tried the 50 denier first. They glide on easy and the waistband is very comfy, they are shaped to be friendly around your lady-bits, with plenty of room and no nasty ridges. The one seam -which is flat-bonded -attaches the thick waist band section to the top of the tights and has been well thought through and leaves you with a nice firm silhouette. The thickness is nicely, densely matt with no shiny bits. I loved the way they looked, and wore them all day without another thought. Brilliant! I thought.

Then, after nearly ten hours of comfy wear, I came to take them off. And guess what? The start of a ladder had appeared at the top of the tights, right where the waistband joins the main leg, where there’s engineered shaping to expand for the hips. What a shame. Interestingly, we had a comment on our instagram feed which had the very same problem.

I’m so sad at this, I’ve patched them up with clear polish and I’ll carry on wearing them, but I’m not sure how I feel about recommending them to you all now. The 80 denier are fantastically dense, I’m wondering if that yarn will be more durable. Being bed-bound with flu has limited my wearing time, but I will report back.

Has anyone else been wearing Heist?



  • Jan says:

    What a shame. I’d be interested to know what the company says when you get back to them as they do offer a money back if you aren’t happy. I’ve had £2.50 super market opaques that have lasted months and months so one would expect something a bit special for £20.

  • Amanda says:

    Jan, tbh I’m not sure I can be bothered to let them know, life’s too short to complain these days, I just wont buy them again. Ax

  • Jan says:

    I understand what you mean. On the other hand if one doesn’t draw organisations’ attention to their shortcomings, whether it’s poor service or products, they can claim 100% customer satisfaction. But maybe they might see your post which will have influenced loads of people. Perhaps the clue is in the name i.e. the dictionary definition of ‘heist’.

  • Claire says:

    I too thought they were really comfortable when first worn and cheaper than my normal Wolford. However… I have gone through at the toes on both pairs (50) because the seam is underneath the foot. One of their selling points for comfort but obviously not so durable. I have have mended them but not going to repurchase. Wolford are expensive but the 50 velvet deluxe can last 2-3 winters.

  • Sue says:

    I was going to say that, after trying others, I went back to Wolford as IMO they can’t be bettered. They last forever and it is hardly like they are uncomfortable to wear.

  • Amanda says:

    I will let them know Jan, feeling my responsibility now you’ve pointed it out…thanks! Ax

  • Amanda says:

    INTERESTING! And totally agree about Wolford. Ax

  • Amanda says:

    I think I might too, Sue. Ax

  • Jan says:

    Do let us know the outcome Amanda. I’m genuinely interested to know what response you get from the company.

  • Jan, told them via twitter, they came back instantly and told me to get in touch, but I haven’t had time yet…x

  • Pam says:

    I thought this was what M&S was for. Theirs last me forever, and the waistband isn’t as tight as on the US brands.

  • Demi says:

    Heist’s main selling point is that they don’t roll, but they do on my short/curvy body (both styles). They haven’t laddered though even after multiple wearings and washings.

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