A thing for bling

I don’t know what is happening to me, I seem to be attracted to all things silvery. It started with the Whistles ‘antiqued’ printed silver jumper bought last season, I fell in love at first sight with this and wore it constantly all over Christmas, where its shimmery appeal went well with the festive season. But it was so easy to wear (mostly with jeans) that I carried on into the spring, and everywhere I wore it someone always admired it.

A week or so ago, I went to lunch with some of my oldest girlfriends and (admittedly after a glass or two of rose wine) we all ended up in COS, where they bought nearly the entire shop between them and in what I can only assume to be a subliminal act of support on my behalf I bought a silver T shirt. it was subliminal because I only discovered I had bought it the next day, when I found it in a bag at the end of my bed, with hardly any recall as to how it got there.

I think I was replacing the winter bling with a summer version, but can only guess at this as I really don’t remember thinking at all. It is very nice but less distressed than the Whistle jumper, so a bit more challenging to wear. I might try washing it a few times to calm it down a bit. It looks great with my much loved Margaret Howell white linen trousers.

Then this week on eBay I picked up a bargain pair of Emma Hope silver snake skin trainers -normally £270something -for £70. Regular readers will know I’ve been struggling to buy recently, so the fact that I hung out to the end on these indicates how keen I was.

What is it with me and silver?

I do love a bit of sparkle. I’m not advocating we should go all shiny knight-in-armour-ish with the bling, but a little silver does seem to do me good.

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