The all new Women’s Room

A while ago we decided it was time to up our game and get ourselves a new look. We noticed many of the blogs we read every day were getting slicker and easier to read, and interestingly many websites were starting to look like blogs. Fast forward a few months and here we are, with an ‘all new’ Women’s Room, which hopefully you are going to love.

Our aim was to change the look and feel to create something more in line with the way the blog has grown and developed over the last three years. We wanted to simplify some things and expand on others, without moving away from what we think is important to our readers.

So, we have increased the ‘We are reading’ category to include more books, as lots of you told us you love this and use it a lot. We have devoted a whole new area to ‘Things We Love’ in order to highlight the newest and most interesting fashion, beauty and homeware, which we think are worth buying. And we have tried to divide up the categories into what we hope are relevant, easy to navigate sections. Most importantly we have kept the essence of The Womens Room exactly the same – a new and interesting post every day.

Getting it right has been a real learning curve and big thanks to our web designer Joe Smalley for dealing with two very stroppy, middle aged old bags, who kept changing their minds! We think it looks really rather lovely and hope you do to.

Amanda and Jane xx



  • Ulla says:

    Dear Amanda & Jane

    Will continue to read your blog every day – thanks for writing it :-) I use a lot of your little tips and ideas every time I go to London – in January we dined at Bocca di Lupo after you recommended both their icecream shop, Gelupo, and the restaurant. Wonderful food.

    Ulla, Denmark

  • Wow, the new design is incredible. This is such an inspiration, I need to redesign my own site and can only dream of ending up with something that looks this good x

  • ladybookbird says:

    Congratulations – it looks fantastic. High50 eat your heart out!

  • Pippa NOM de PLUME says:

    It’s brilliant, like a glossy online magazine,
    I’ll look forward to opening it up every morning with my coffee. Congratulations! x

  • Love the new design, but can’t seem to change the subscription in my google reader, for some reason it only finds your old typepad blog, not sure if there’s anything you can do to wake google up to the fact you have a new blog name, of maybe I’m being impatient and should give it a few hours. Anyway thought you should be aware of the problem.

  • Barbara says:

    Well done! An excellent move on, just as sassy, really well designed and much easier to track everything! x

  • gillian taylor says:

    How lovely! I shall thoroughly enjoy finding my way through the new look Women’s Room – after the Guilty Secret that is the Daily Mail Side Bar yours is my next port of call every morning as I eat my toast! Thank you for being so entertaining and informative – keep up the good work!

  • steffi says:

    Hello lovely ladies,
    well this is nice, isn’t it? It’s totally fabulous, is and always will be my daily bread! Bravissime!
    Love from your greatest ever Swiss admirer ;-)

  • JJP says:

    Wow, love it! Your new blogsite looks great! Will be updating my sidebar for sure! Wouldn’t want to miss a thing about what’s happening in your neck of the wood…
    Bisous from Montréal

  • Sue says:

    Your blog now looks even better.It’s great:all of my favourite things and all together.Sue

  • Wow! This is great — so clean and inviting. I’m off to make sure you’re in my Google Reader.

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks ladies we are welling up here, we have the best readers! We are hugely grateful for your support, trying to sort all the little glitches out now! A and J

  • Precious says:

    Love the new site – congratulations it manages to be slick and new and not loose the feel of the original blog! Love the increased book section, will make book shopping even easier as you always pick the best reads.

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