Cruise 2012 collections: what we like so far

Diane Von Furstenberg - all images from

Cruise collections are fast becoming more and more important in the fashion world. Originally an American solution to the problem of living in one season and holidaying in a another (usually hotter) one, cruise/resort collections now provide transitional, almost seasonless ranges.

We are increasingly finding these ranges are more wearable and appealing than some of the mainline catwalk collections, as they lack some of the OTT drama of a huge runway show. Here are some of our favourites so far.

Diane Von Furstenberg

DVF just goes from strength to strength under the creative direction of Yvan Mispelaere. He called the show  Wrapsody Rap, and said it had a “hip-hop feeling with a romantic edginess.” We’re not sure about the hip hop thing, but we loved the tones of grey and silver, bold prints and injections of bright colour.

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy is another label we are loving more and more and her cruise collection was a tribute to elegant simplicity, with a nod to the 60’s.

Rachel Roy

Black, white and camel contrasted with white, super bright turq and tones of orange, in beautifully understated shapes that we want to wear right now.

Micheal Kors


Ignoring the neoprene dresses (wet suits are not for the over 40’s unless for strictly practical reasons), we love the flashes of fluorescents and animal prints, mixed with black and white. A teddy boy inspired jacket and brothel creepers are key items for next season, they are everywhere!

Micheal Kors

And finally, Amanda is ahead of the game with her thing for bling, as all things gold and silver are another big trend in many of the cruise collections. We love this vintage inspired head to toe gold look, also from Micheal Kors.

Look out for more of our favourite resort collections over the next few days.


  • Johanna says:

    I get very depressed watching this parade of extremely thin women… It distracts me from the clothes they’re showing. I feel there’s no connection at all with real women, real life, real figures. Makes me sad!

  • Becky says:

    I agree – all I see is thin thin women – I can’t even begin to imagine how these clothes would look on me because they are so far removed from what I look like – not that keen on any of the clothes either, to be honest – and make them much shorter and much wider and I think they would look even worse !

  • Amanda says:

    SO agree ladies, and that’s before we get to talk about how young they are….don’t get us started. But there are some good ideas here, not just limited to skinnies, I love those Michael Kors coats and trousers, and the gold knit would certainly brighten up the day….no? Ax

  • Johanna says:

    Well… Maybe I could try the shoes… ;-)

  • Amanda says:

    Ha! yes there’s always the accessories…..Ax

  • Becky says:

    The Michael Kors white jacket with the citrus shirt underneath – that is just about all I’d be willing to try – even the shoes are not my cup of tea I’m afraid !

  • Jude says:

    I’m a strictly grey/navy/khaki kinda gal, but I think you might be slowly turning me onto this colour thing! I particularly like the 3 orange/navy/turq Rachel Roys (definitely not the one with the city shorts – dear god!) The turquoise sweater is especially appealing as I don’t want to reveal any age-inappropriate flesh but don’t want to be totally mummified either, so the having shoulders on display is great. One of my favourite dresses has an appearance of being revealing but only the shoulders and lower back are actually on show (so it hides the upper arms and can I still wear a bra!) I would avoid wearing the orange trousers with it but could opt for navy ones instead – love the navy and white brogues though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jane says:

    Love that you are tuning into colour Jude, will you be wearing orange next time I see you?

    The thin thing is SO depressing. Wait till you see the new Prada ads, ultra thin and 17, SO SO wrong!!


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