Marc Jacobs and Prada: unconventional and aspirational

If you were a major fashion brand, who would you use to launch your new collection, a bunch of beautiful 17 year old’s or a slightly barking mad 45 year old actress who is often slated for her unconventional style?

Marc Jacobs caused something of a stir in the fashion world recently, when he announced he was using Helena Bonham Carter as the new face of his label, as despite winning a place on the Vanity Fair best dressed list, opinion is divided on her slightly mad dress sense. But it seems it was her eccentric disregard for fashion rules, that attracted Jacobs to her in the first place.

The images taken by Jurgen Teller, are refreshingly batty and showcase Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter ‘dotty’ collection perfectly. We have loved HBC since we saw her as the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland and suspect she is probably a little like that in real life!

We also love the Prada Autumn Winter campaign, photographed by Steven Meisel, but are disappointed that they have used seventeen year olds to advertise a range which is essentially targeted at wealthy older women. How many 20 something do you know that can afford to buy a pair of shoes for £300? Beautiful as they look, these girls have the faces of children and do not make us want to buy the clothes.

There is no denying clothes look better on younger slimmer models and brands want to create aspirational advertising ad campaigns, but using such young models simply turns us off. Or are we being old fashion and middle aged?

We haven’t been completely put off however, as we are positively lusting after those pink shoes!!

A new exhibition opened last week at Somerset House, which celebrates the defining ad campaigns of Italian designers Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Gucci, Missoni and Prada. Curator Colin McDowell has brought together a hand-picked selection of images from their collections and archives, bringing to life iconic style moments.

Master of Style: Celebrating the Stories behind Italian Fashion is on until the 14th of August


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  • steffi says:

    Batty. Love it. Also I completely recognised Jürgen Teller’s work, instantly. He has that rawness doesn’t he. Reminded me a lot of the Katharine Hamnett advertising campaigns that he used to shoot in the nineties. Showing my age now. I love batty. Yay, wouldn’t have expected it from Marc Jacobs, he’s quite unpredictable in this instance.

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