Bag lust: Raoul’s Janice

We are lusting after TWR reader Lorna’s Raoul Janice bag, something she picked up when she was in Singapore recently (Raoul is a Singaporian brand). It is neat, very chic in an air-hostess way and remarkably versatile for such a little bag. Lorna, who at her own admission isn’t the tidiest bag-keeper in the world, manages to cram a great deal into hers (see final photos below) without it looking all lumpy and bumpy and the compartments make her feel she’s quite well organised. “It feels refreshingly different and very modern, even though it’s reminiscent of bags my mum used to have in the 60s” she told us. The clever  adjustable strap means you can either wear it long, as an over-the-body bag, or shorten it to a shoulder bag.

The brand is available in the UK, at Matches, Flannels (who still have a rather neat clutch bag version we notice) some Fenwick storesand very shortly will launch in Selfridges, where it’s set to make a big impact for autumn. Lorna saw the clothes range when she was in Singapore and reckons it’s worth investigating, the philosophy of the brand is to design real, wear -today clothes and although there’s a touch of the ‘young’ about some shapes, it’s worth giving them a look.

The Janice bag sells for under £200, (the price on the website is Singapore dollars) although everyone listed above does seem to have sold out (which is also interesting). You can ship it from Singapore should you wish, or hang on and check out Selfridges, where it’s expected at any moment.

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