Clarks sheepskin Desert Boots, the new Ugg?

It hasn’t been that warm this week in London and when I came across what Clarks had done with the classic desert boot for this autumn at the press day, I yearned for a chill in the air. This winter one of the Desert Boot styles will be lined in furry sheepskin which makes it a bit like a tailored Ugg boot.

The Desert Boot is a joy to wear and now it’s going to be as comfortable and warm (well almost) as the the ubiquitous Ugg boot, I think it will make a good alternative. I often get a bit over-heated in my Uggs, too much sheepskin can be a bit overwhelming, temperature wise, so I’ll be interested to see how these new Clarks ones perform. Could they be the new Ugg do we think?

There is also a style with a smart knitted collar around the boot, looking for all its worth as if it’s wrapped in a warm jumper (below), with just as much ‘warmth appeal’.

Out in September, they will be around £79 – £89, check out the Clarks website for further information.


  • Nora says:

    Will the lined ones be coming to the states?

  • amanda says:

    They certainly should do, but we’ll ask today Nora. A

  • Johanna says:

    Wouldn’t slushing through snow (or rain) ruin a knitted collar like that? Or has it been treated with something?

  • Amanda says:

    I think it’s detachable, but you are right, it would not be ideal snow slushing foot wear, more indoors and snuggling footwear….A

  • Johanna says:

    Indoors and snuggling, that sounds wonderful…. The weather is so bloody awful where I live, I’m beginning to long for a warm fire.

  • Andrea says:

    My trusty plain Clarks desert boot, bought at a snip a couple of years ago are really just what it says on the tin!

    They are perfect for cold, dry days only so I don’t wear them if it looks like rain or snow!

  • Amanda says:

    Sad news Nora, the sheepskin lined ones will not be available in the US, so you’ll need to sweet talk a travelling friend A

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