Martha Moments: Patchwork quilts from old jumpers

While we are talking about sewing and craft (see posts below) I thought you might like to see how the quilt made from redundant shirts, felted up jumpers and old T shirts came out. I talked about how I intended at some point to use all the piles of clothes I’ve kept since the boys were small here, well it’s eldest teenageson’s 21st birthday today, and I am giving him the quilt as a present to remind him of his childhood.

It was very easy to make, I washed the jumpers (mostly black and grey you’ll notice! not big on colour my boys…) on a hot wash so they all felted-up, then cut them into 5 inch squares and sewed them all together on my machine. Any holes I patched up with his favourite old T shirt graphics (there are about 6 of these on the quilt). On the reverse I used 10 inch squares cut from the surplus checked shirts from the lumberjack trend, using the odd pocket to decorate and hide gaps.

It’s very ‘home made’ with very little finesse (Martha Stewart, our craft hero, might have suggested I spent a little more time on the details, whatever) but it will keep him warm in his new student flat and remind him of home comforts. I think It even smells of home!


  • A Martha Moment from the heart, looks great. Perhaps there was a reason for keeping all those bags full of stuff in the loft after all. I’m off for a rummage. GG

  • Concha says:

    I absolutely love it! I’m a big fan of sentimental patchwork, i. e., patchwork made of bits whose past belongs to you and your loved ones. This quilt looks fabulous.

  • Jane says:

    What a lovely idea Amanda – hope he loves it and Happy Birthday

  • Amanda says:

    I certainly have lots of space in the sewing area of the spare room now….I LOVE the name Sentimental Patchwork Concha! I might have to change the title of the post! Ax

  • Lilac says:

    Absolutely lovely, what a great idea, he will love it.

  • Fiona copeland says:

    This is really lovely! My friend’s Mum made her one out of all her old favourite dresses. I always said if I has a girl I would do the same – never thought to do it for my boys :(

  • I love it. Such a great idea.

  • Julie says:

    I used some of my son’s old clothes for bunting for the street party last year and was in serious trouble when he saw it suspended from the trees, he would certainly have appreciated your idea much more.Very inspiring.

  • Jude says:

    What a wonderful idea Amanda!

  • Kay says:

    Do you know how much better this looks than such things usually look! The product of a lot of very good shopping over the years, with a boost from the Lumberjack Phase. WELL DONE YOU.

  • Rebecca says:

    What a great gift – love it!

    Love your blog too, but since your re-design I can no longer read it via google reader as only a condensed version of each post appears… please can you set it to show whole posts… pretty please!

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