Head & Shoulders is 50!

As you know, we love a hair event here at TWR so when Head & Shoulders invited us to celebrate being 50 this year by practising a couple of ‘hair do’s’ with its creative beauty director Peter Lux (is that a made-up name, we wonder?), we skipped along, hairbrushes and kirby grips at the ready. We are notching up some fabulous male hair stylists as our NBFs here, what with Mark and Fabio. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Peter showed us (well Jane did all the hard work) how to do a couple of up-do styles.

Actually, Jane could easily have been a hair stylist in another life, she has the skills and the ‘been anywhere nice?’ patter, she got a couple of ‘brilliant’s’ and ‘perfect’s’ from Peter when we were learning the Audrey and the Miu Miu, not that we’re competitive or anything…..

So here’s Jane in full swing (you might notice her tool table includes a a glass of champagne, we all worked better after one) working on our ‘model’ Janet, who had streaks of grey to look more realistic!

And her final Audrey, alongside the inspiration -you can watch the video for details on how to pull this look off (the secret is plenty of hair spray, giant size tongs and strong backcombing.)

Then there was the more 50s inspired rock-a-billy style that was channelling the Miu Miu hair from the autumn 2011 shows…..You’ve got to admit, Jane’s pretty good!

All great fun, and for anyone doubting the need for big hair this autumn, can we just show you the current Christian Louboutin store windows in Mount Street, with that essential hair accessory…er, the shoe……start practising ladies!


  • Jude says:

    That looks so much fun! I really struggle to do anything remotely artistic with my (slightly longer than shoulder length) hair – do you have any tips for a good Autumn look?

  • Amanda says:

    Jude, sorry for the slow response, I think the shoe-as-accessory looks an easy look to pull off….don’t you? ‘ No? OK well then I’d watch the vid, as I am really not very good with hair normally. I am just growing my hair currently and am still quite keen on the Patti Smith long-with-shaggy-fringe look…which is no help at all really is it? .Ax

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