We love: Falcon enamelware in Christmas red

Anyone who went to the London Design Festival this weekend might have visited the Falcon enamelware pop up shop in The Tramshed. We are rather fond of this bakeware in a retro-fabulous way, I have a number of the baking tins and they are very useful and nicely tough. The surface is made strong by fusing porcelain into heavy grade steel and apparently wont burn according to the brand. It certainly wont break if you drop it, or break your toe, like many heavy gauge cookware threatens to.

The brand has been revamped recently by London based designers Kiwi & Pom, along with Morse Studio who have introduced a few new colours other than the traditional blue, into the tumblers. Excitingly there is a new bake and pie set colourway coming out, in Christmasy red just in time for your festive baking (Falcon call it Pillarbox red). I think they are ideal Christmas presents -red or blue -for cooks, or embryonic cooks (middleteen took one back to University with him this time) so bookmark the website under ‘present buying’, the red colourway comes out later in the autumn.

Falcon Enamelware bake sets £54.99, pie sets £44.99.


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