Feel good TV: The Great British Bake off

A programme that makes you feel tense and gives you goose bumps has to be must see tv and if it involves cake, then even better.

Over the last eight weeks, Tuesdays have all been all about the Great British Bake Off, and watching 12 homebakers test their amazing technical and creative skills, as they attempt to bake the kind of complicated things that would make most mere mortals weep. I mean what normal person knows how to make croissants, macaroons or Mille Feuille. Well these fabulous people do and we don’t quite know what we are going to do without them to make us laugh, cry and want to get out the weighing scales in an attempt to emulate their delicious baked goods. Only in Britain would a programme about pastry get us all so excited!

If you are also feeling a bit bereft, you might want to check out  Holly and Jo’s blogs.  Holly writes recipesfromanormalmum.com and Jo, josblueaga.blogs.

Well done Jo for winning and if you feel like making the perfect Victoria sponge, you might want to invest in the Great British Bake off book.


  • gillian taylor says:

    I adored this program and I am so very glad that Jo won! She was so self-effacing but determined – I really admired her! I was looking at the book that accompanied the series and Jamie’s new British cook book which was gorgeous and couldn’t decide so bought neither!! Next week perhaps! Sainsburys was also advertising the new Gok line of clothes arriving in their stores today – have you seen them yet?

  • I love this programme too and having tried to make croissants I know how very, very difficult it is! I didn’t guess who would win last time and I couldn’t guess this time, but I’m glad Jo won and I hope it opens up amazing things for her. GG

  • Jude says:

    I’m afraid I don’t like cooking (admiting that actually felt quite confessional) and anyone who can whip up a roast gets my TOTAL admiration. So I tend not to watch any cooking programmes. However, I’m tempted to watch it on playback just to see The Squirrel.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to lower the tone.

  • Amanda says:

    Ha ha! You have to be quick Jude…..Ax

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