Frieze 2011 fashion part one: dresses

Frieze Art Fair VIP day -held on the first afternoon of opening- is a total treat to go to. Yes the art is great, but the clothes! A joy to behold for the 40plus woman. OK, so lots of these ladies are well dressed because they have money to spend, but not everyone was wearing designer and the art crowd like to prove they can mix a colour sartorially as well as on a canvas and I saw some very inspiring textural and print combinations.

I’ve got three posts full of clothes, two today and another one on Wednesday, so come back for more if you are inspired. It was interesting to see so many grown up women in one place looking terrific (only a few of these images are on women under 30). Honestly, it made me proud to be a 40plus woman!

So, starting with dresses, a key observation here is the length, the best ones were jut skimming the knee and this year (unlike last year when everyone was wearing long boots) it’s all about the shoe boot/ dress combo. There were lots of chiffon and lace ones worn beautifully as day wear, I loved the maroon one (top left) and the print dress/cardi/lace tights combo (top right) was a masterclass in chic.

There were lots of lovely print dresses, all tastefully balanced with dark tights (art world ladies like a coloured opaque tight) and perfectly pitched accessories. Less is more when you have a big bold print on.

Loved the pale paisley coat dress over slimline dark jeans (left) and the middle dress/top was the most gorgeous bird & botanics print. I normally hate pale grey tights, but they really worked well with the bold geometric print and pastel pink shoes (right).

And talking of well dressed, even the crowd control barriers at Frieze were smartly dressed in dark navy ‘outfits’ (below).



  • Jude says:

    Oooh, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this post, and you haven’t disappointed! Great to hear that only a few photos are of women younger than 40, but the fact we can’t see their faces makes it even better as there’s no excuse for thinking ‘Oh well, I can’t wear that, she’s at least 10 years younger than me”! Lovely prints. I’m not a big print fan but you might turn me yet….!

  • Rachel says:

    I really love the candidness of the photo’s and the way that their identities are sort of protected. The outfits are fabulous as well.

  • Amanda says:

    Glad you like them ladies, I was concerned that since I couldn’t ask every woman if they minded being on the blog, I really was better chopping heads off! I hope it you ARE on the blog here that you are happy with that! Ax

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