Frieze 2011 fashion part two: colour

Colour was very evident this year and clearly the whole colour blocking trend is having an effect on our confidence to ‘live it up’ a bit when it comes to brights too, neons, orange and shots of yellow were everywhere. You might remember Jane predicted orange and bright tones being important new trends waaaay back here and here Possibly my favourite bag on the day was the neon orange Chanel number (above left) that left a trail on your retina long after your eyes had  moved on…unforgettable but in a good way. The shot taffeta neon orange skirt (above right) was just the right amount of orange to wear, softened with with a pale grey simple sweater.

All shades of yellow on show, it works well with other colours too, particularly all shades of blue. The short navy coat on the left had lurex thread running through it and my favourite skirt of the day was the deep cobalt blue guipure lace one in the middle worn with the ochre cardi and red shoes – genius mix.

Assorted greens looked lovely with ginger and don’t you love that silk pleated shirt in the middle here? what a great back view.

Tangerine, ginger, caramel, whatever, it’s an orange world….

Below right, you might like to know that the chap wearing the big blue cross on his tubby tummy is David Bailey.



  • gillian taylor says:

    I am absolutely loving these posts from Frieze! So many inspirational images of such wonderfully stylish women!

  • Lilac says:

    That orange Chanel bag is beautiful, and just what’s needed now natures colours are fading fast.

  • Rachel says:

    I love all the colors. I think the yellows are my favorites but you can never ignore the oranges. They are well deserved of some love since they pair so well with so many other colors.

  • Jude says:

    I do like the oranges, especially that man in the orange suit – it looks like he has an orange tie on too! Although the woman in the orange skirt does have rather a good tan, not so sure a skirt against bare legs is an option for all of us though. Looking forward to Wednesdays post.

  • Nora says:

    Great pictures. The blue cross on David Bailey is actually a Confederate flag, which was the flag of the South during the US Civil War. In the US, it has very strong connotations (many of them negative).

  • Becky says:

    That green coat with those ginger trousers is to die for. We went to keep a magnificent production of Turandot in our brand new Muscat Royal Opera House a couple of days ago. The costumes were breathtaking and all I could think of was your post on housecoats and how the sumptuous fabrics would make wonderful housecoats and how I could get my hands on a silk one preferably in green with a wide aquamarine border – oh how the mind wanders during opera !!!!!

  • Amanda says:

    Nora! thanks for the info, how interesting, why was Mr Bailey wearing a Confederates cross then? Anyone recognise the T shirt? A

  • frances says:

    I love these posts! While some of these women are ever so polished, I love that you also include many examples that manifest creativity as much as, if not more than, sartorial perfection. So much inspiration, thanks!

  • Amanda says:

    Becky, I also loved that green coat, and glad the housecoats have got you thinking! Frances we are all for creative imperfection! Ax

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