One for the Christmas list: Aggie’s Family Cookbook

Sometimes when celebrities publish cook books (or clothing ranges!!) one wonders if they actually do roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty?

Well this time, we can genuinely vouch for the fact that Aggie’s Family Cookbook is no attempt at ‘brand extension’. It is simply a lovely practical, easy to cook, book of family recipes for every occasion, written by someone who loves cooking for her family and just happens to be a celebrity!

As well as being a ‘Dirt Dectective’ and ex head of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Aggie is a local mum with a genuine passion for cooking, which she has passed onto her son Ewan. He is currently studying catering at Westminster College and is very popular with the local year 12’s –  how many 16 year old boys do you know who can make a macaroon?

Aggie’s book appeals to me on lots of levels, as it include Scottish classics (I’m Scottish) such as Mince and Tatties, Auntie Hughags Scottish pancakes, Scottish morning rolls and Granny’s scones – which Aggie says are foolproof – and locally inspired dishes such as Clissold fried chicken, a healthier version of the most popular teenage dish in our neck of the woods.

It contains a great combination of traditional dishes and contemporary classics, meaning it would make a great Christmas present for a variety of ages and abilities – oh and it’s nicely designed, which is always a must for a cook book!

Read Aggie’s blog on Mumsnet and follow her on Twitter.

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