Christmas decorations, a quick round up

Reindeer from Liberty

It’s ok to start thinking about Christmas decorations now, mostly because if you don’t , they will all have sold out. Earlier this year (July in fact, Christmas seems to go on for ever if you are a fashion hack) we did the rounds of retail press days to see who was offering the most interesting baubles, so here’s a few you might want to add to your collection and don’t forget the ones we saw from the Highgrove collection. We’ll highlight ones from independent stores and craft fairs as we see them through the next month.

Without doubt, the big trend in tree decorations is animals and birds, our favourite are from Liberty (above) and Anthropologie, who have cornered the market in cute woodland inhabitants, not sure about the carrots myself….

All decorations -including the carrot and radish -from Anthropologie

Woodland animals from Anthropologie

The glass domes with illustrated animal pictures are rather lovely at Liberty (below) as is the sweeping feather tail on the clip-on peacock. There’s a retro-feel paint job trend for baubles too, seen on the birds and nativity scene (both from Liberty) below.




Glass domes are charming too, we liked the Liberty ones with Christmas scenes in them, below.


My absolute favourite decoration is the vintage glitter globe (below right) and the sparkly pine cone shape is also lovely, both by Elliot Raffit from Harrods. The heavily decorative and colourful numbers from Fortnum & Mason are completely OTT but fabulous.


Fortnum & Mason

Joseph ( I assume it’s him) looks extremely colourful in this nativity collection, from Liberty below…


And if you are looking for a single colour, how about this blue from Liberty? Or the pearlised and holly ones from Fortnum & Mason, below.


Fortnum & Mason

Not exactly Christmas decorations, but very cute none the less, are the animals at Anthropology, Jane tweeted these during the week, so if you missed them, here they are….one might sneak into the basket while you aren’t looking…..

Liberty Christmas Harrods Christmas Anthropologie Christmas Fortnum & Mason Christmas


  • Jude says:

    I LOVE the retro decs, they bring back so many childhood memories.
    The Sunshine Garden Centre on Durnsford Road between Muswell Hill and Bounds Green tube has the most wonderful Xmas decorated rooms – about 6 of them all themed. They’re a major garden centre prize-winner too, I think they’ve won best Xmas display for the last few years running. I don’t bother with the big stores any more, I just go there now. Plants are great too!

  • Amanda says:

    Oh excellent tip Jude, anyone else have good stores they visit at Christmas? Let us know here and we can start a useful list! Ax

  • gillian taylor says:

    Garsons Farm in Esher always has the most fabulous decorations – mostly from Gizella Graham – and again themed! Fab farm shop as well and in a wonderfully picturesque setting! The trouble with seeing all these wonderful new decorations is that it makes you think you would like a change and then you remember the attic groaning with years of accumulated treasures and just how much it would cost to go for a completely different look!!

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