Frieze extras

We had some nice comments left on the Frieze 2011 posts saying that you really liked to see our ‘street shots’ of  what real people are wearing, so I went back through our Frieze photos and sorted out a few more. Here are a few additional snaps to inspire your dressing.

I love the claret velvet dress above centre, and the pretty net overdress, right.

There were a few ladies in black, from a neat jersey maxi dress, left, the dip dyed jacket, centre, through to a pleated and rushed silk blouse, right, it is all about mixing texture. Below is an assortment of trousers, I love the violet suede desert boots.

Note the jewelled heels on the shoes below left.

Nice jackets below, from the casual bright coat to the chic cream tie neck detail.

LOVE the matching gloves and handbag and predator print has gone black and white.


  • Rachel says:

    Such stylish elements. So great to see!

  • freethequay says:

    Please please more of these shots they are brilliant. And if you can ask where the desert boot lady got hers I’d be more than grateful. In fact if you can muster a weekly shot of this sort of thing from anywhere, not just Frieze I’d be ecstatic!

  • Jude says:

    I’m with freethequay on this.It would be lovely if you could take pics of the stylish women you see at the various do’s and press launches you go to……!

  • amanda says:

    message received and understood ladies, we will do our best! Ax

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