We love Whistles handbags

Last week it was about spring, due to the press days and the general vibe is that clothes are really going ‘modern grown up’, with neat tailoring and gorgeous dresses, so good news for us. So far my favourite press day has been Whistles, where the range featured an orange leather biker jacket and a pencil skirt I’d sell my granny for (if she was still alive). Of great interest is the bag and accessory collection, which is to be expanded big time over the next year or two, there’s even a rumour of shoes happening too.

The spring handbags, due to drop into the stores in early February, look very covetable and at around the £220-plus mark, are not stupendously pricey. The quality of the leather is wonderful and there’s a minimal amount of that ridiculous shiny hard wear that currently decorate every fancy bag, bags are heavy enough as it is, without additional chains and heavy duty locks to lug around too. If an orange leather jacket sounds too adventurous, maybe an brightly coloured bag is the way to go?

Also at the press day, Whistles had done nice things with simple white carnations, mixing them with white hydrangeas, tulips and other things, they looked very fresh and looked easy-ish to repeat at home……


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