Chic ladies at Hammersmith Vintage Fair January 2012

At the first Hammersmith Vintage sale for 2012, there was an abundance of ladies looking very chic, despite the cold and we snapped and chatted to a few of them (yes, we’re getting a bit braver with our street style photography) about dressing with vintage style.

Above is Margaret Spillard who looked gorgeous standing by her rail, her use of accessories was very inspiring, she has just taken up selling vintage after years as a (clearly very stylish) PA, we loved her scarf tied to her bag and the fingerless gloves.

This lady is a vintage jewellery expert and was rocking a brilliant combination of greens, note her satin waistcoat which adds another textural layer, and her gorgeous sequined beret. Can’t help loving her perfect nude lipstick colour too….

Clever mending here on this lady’s man’s tweed jacket (I think she said it was her father’s) with spriggy print cotton patches, she’s also gathered the back waist for a better fit. LOVED the print/tweed combination using just the right colour shades.

The lady on the left had white grey hair that she’d subtly highlighted around her hairline in assorted shades of lilac, lavender, black and purple. It looked gorgeous, her spots and stripe coordination is also inspired, top marks. On the right is another fab textural hair detail, a feather hairband in chocolate brown worn beautifully on white hair.

There were lots of hats around this week, this lady was so chic in her brown velvet, feather trimmed one, lovely jacket too, note the nicely matching scarf detail tucked into the neckline.

Neatly tied floral headscarves, remember we said they were important for this summer? There were two or three stalls selling just scarves at the fair this time, which was new to me.

Bold jackets and tights here, love those stripy ones.

Chic bags, even if some were paper ones….

The canvas and leather trimmed ones looked good..

And right on trend, the lady left above was mixing her lemons and greys…the boots on the right are All Saints, you might remember something similar (in white) from a previous post here. Don’t those shades of pale turquoise and grey look lovely layered together?

Colourful coats, why wear black or grey when you can look so much more cheerful in a splash of considered colour?

Chic capes and checks, note the turn ups on the jeans, how are you wearing yours?

This beautiful redhead was clearly not over 35 (don’t you love her hair?) but her clever use of a chiffon dress worn over layers of t shirts and slim trousers is age-proof and right on trend for this season. The softly pleated red dress (right) worn with more tailored jacket is a brilliant way to wear both bright shades and dressed down chic, the printed Converse style pumps and opaque tights make the whole look less try-hard. 


  • freethequay says:

    fab fab fab Thankyou

  • Jane G says:

    I have fallen in love with that subtle multi coloured fringe. Great post, cheers ladies.

  • I love that patched tweed jacket. It really works, so clever. Wonder if Mr Glam really needs his suit?! GG

  • Jude says:

    Lovely set of photos again Amanda, great to see ‘real’ women and their individual looks.

  • frances says:

    Such fun, eclectic looks — that patched jacket is very clever, especially that simple pleating at the back to give shape. I’m mentally raiding my husband’s closet as I write this . . .

  • Sarah Peel says:

    You have just inspired me to take more photos when we are out working at Vintage events. Often see brilliant styling ideas like the ones you have featured – just love how individual these looks are, & how achievable with a little confidence and inspiration. Thanks, great post.

  • Wow! Love everyone’s style and individuality. Great photos.

  • Amanda says:

    Glad you like the photos ladies, just goes to show that age is absolutely no barrier to stylish dressing, don’t you think? A

  • Suzen says:

    How do you always come up with such amazing outfits? You always inspire me to try new things with my clothing.

    Thanks for sharing

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