Colour inspiration for a Winters day

Sunnshine yellow mixed with chocolate brown

Summer seems such a long way away and the novelty of snow has so worn off, so I thought I’d share a few of the images that have inspired my colour mood boards for Spring Summer, to hopefully brighten up your day.

Happy Monday!

Tones of mint and aqua

Delcious pastels inspired by ice cream and cake!

Retro brights

Apologies for not crediting all the images, but I would have been here all day!! Follow me on Pinterest to find out the sources!


  • Katie says:

    I think you should give credit to the original sources of these photos. Pinterest is a fantastic way to share images and ideas but there are lots of concerns about breech of copyright. I appreciate you may be very busy but I wonder how long the originators of these images took to get the shot, bake the cake, come up with the original idea? I have had a photo (and idea) of my own taken (via Pinterest) and re-blogged with no credit given to me – not by you but someone else. So many people work incredibly hard producing amazing material that I think no-one should re-blog without getting the necessary permission and giving due credit.

  • Jane says:

    I completely agree Kaite, as I take lots of my own pictures and realise how important it is to credit. Purely a time issue, but will attempt to rectify!

  • cara says:

    Hi Jane, what’s your pinterest name? would love to see more of your colour inspirations.

  • Jane says:

    Jane Kellock X

  • cara says:


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