We love: Tweeting gloves from Etre Touchy

My husband thinks he has lost a part of me to Twitter, whenever we go out together now he claims I ignore him in favour of my virtual friends…and he is right. I used to talk to him on train and bus journeys. or while waiting in queues, now I tweet, or instagram or just look at Twitter. The only time he got my full attention was when it was too cold to tweet and I had to wear gloves. Now even that’s in danger, due to these excellent little beauties from Etre Touchy gloves. 

The gloves on the left are called Fivepoint Gloves and you can use them on touch sensitive screens to continue being connected even when encased in wool. There’s an excellent scientific explanation as to how this works on the website here, all to do with electrical charges and a special coating on the wool yarn….they work very well. The gloves on the right are the low-tech version, they simply have the tops cut off the finger and thumb to ensure close contact with a screen at all times. 

When I’ve seen geeky type clothing like this previously, I am almost always put off by the fabric, but these are gorgeous, made of soft wool and come in very nice colours (left, rosemary with pearl tips £40, right Oxford blue with ecru stripe £35), but there are lots of other ones including cashmere and leather versions too. The full range can be viewed on the Etre website

Jane and I were given a pair each to trial when I visited Handpicked Media’s Fashion Week pop up lounge, but I can tell you now, they are brilliant. If I don’t change my ways soon, I might need the name of a good divorce lawyer….


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