Reading glasses: an excuse to buy more accessories

Recently I got reading glasses as I now can’t read anything in small print after 6.00pm/without a major light source close by as it is too dark and small to see. These reading glasses are in addition to my recently strengthened contact lenses…so I’m wearing lenses AND reading glasses, which my optician says is quite normal but I think is bonkers. But, whatever.

What is unusual, so my optician told me, is my enthusiasm for them. Apparently people get quite depressed at the thought of reading glasses, I on the other hand saw it as an opportunity to buy another pair of glasses! I almost whooped with excitement when I was told.

One slight drawback to the temporary ones I have bought to tide me over till I find a really nice pair (the ones I’m currnetly wearing to type this cost £5) is that they are never where they are supposed to be, a common problem apparently. Again, a bit of creative thinking and a quick trip last Saturday to our beloved COS and I came across these fabulous little sacks in perforated leather (bang on trend) and neat colours to hang around your neck (£17.99). They are designed for your phone, but are the perfect size for glasses plus maybe a lipstick or house key.

When I started to wear them with my glasses neatly tucked inside, my family, in their usual, supportive -we’re-right-behind-you-mum sort of way laughed until their breakfast cornflakes snorted right back down their noses.

BUT, look what I found on the global fashion trend forecaster WGSN’s lovely Tumblr this week….cool Chinese dudes wearing something very similar, and they have been labelled officially stylish.

I was approximately three days ahead on this trend.

Street shots from the WGSN Tumblr



  • Marv says:

    (Being mean here) – Yeeees, but the cool dudes are wearing their glasses and not carrying them around in their neck-bags. They know where their glasses are… am with Family on this one.

    Anyone remember those purses you wore round your neck in the early ’80s?

  • Anna says:

    I am impressed by your embracing of your reading glasses – I remain in denial about mine. To the extent that I didnt buy any, Mr K got so fed up with my complete inability to read that he went and bought some. I now wear the purple ‘colourful’ ones he bought me (purple is just the base colour – they are adorned in so many others) – this causes much hilarity at work whenever I put them on. However I just cannot bring myself to spend money on some nicer ones. I’m reliably informed they sell them in Poundland……………… Can I rely on The Women’s Room to point me in a more elegant direction?

  • Sue says:

    I suddenly realised I needed reading glasses last October when we went to Paris (so that did soften the blow a little) and I couldn’t see anything on the menus in the evenings.I have not worn glasses before and was beyond depressed but ,as you say,it is a new retail opportunity.And I found a fabulous retro-ish, brown and lilac librarian framed pair by Paul Smith (they look a lot better than I am making them sound). I look forward to putting them on every day;but I am absolutely not going to tell you how much they cost.Sue

  • amanda says:

    Ladies, I have my research already underway for cool ones, I will of course let you know which ones I buy and Sue, I’m putting Paul Smith at the top of my go-find list.
    I am choosing to ignore Marv’s mean comments and look forward to mocking her when I next see her in anything remotely trend led. Ax

  • I think I need glasses – and a pouch to put them in – that is my age!

  • Marianne says:

    Have you heard about the soft contact lenses which you can wear for reading and far distance? I wear them and they are fantastic. Put them in each morning and can see near and far for the whole day!!

  • Marv says:

    Tell you what, I’ll wear something you can laugh at me in next week, eh? x x x

  • amanda says:

    Marianne, yep I tried those and sadly they made me feel a bit queasy, also i have very big stigmatisms in both eyes so they were difficult to fit. Ax

  • Johanna says:

    Last year I bought several (cheap) pairs of reading glasses: one pair for every handbag I own (and use), in matching colours! I felt very grown up and organized. I sat around waiting for opportunities to pull out my glasses and impress everyone. :-) Also, I got a pair for most rooms in my house. The system works, but it still means I have to keep replacing them, as they are just like pens: they get sat on, disappear for no reason, the cat pounces on them, visitors take them home etc.

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