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Margherita Missoni and the Chanel “Murban”

If Karl Lagerfeld says it’s all about the turban, then you can be sure, whether you like it or not, at some point in the next six months you might find yourself thinking ‘can I can’t I’? Sir Karl actually thinks it’s all about the “murban” (male turban) as he sent Baptiste Giabiconi (his muse) down the catwalk of his recent cruise show wearing headgear that wouldn’t look out of place in in Rajasthan.

Style icon and grand daughter of the Missoni family, Margherita Missoni, is also a lover of turbans and manages to pull off a hippy chic/contemporary vintage look, in the way only a 28 year born into one of the worlds biggest fashion dynasties could!

Proenza Schular also featured turbans in their S/S 2012 collection.

Proenza Schular S/S 2012 and expert truban wearer Camila Batmanghelidjh

Turbans have been worn by Western women for decades both as a glamorous accessory and as a practical workwear item during the second world war.

Gorgeous vintage style

Utility style

Molly Parkin makes her own OTT turbans and the ladies of Advanced Style really know how to rock a turban, Hollywood style!

Molly Parkin and Advanced Style

Here are some ideas, if you fancy trying this at home and if you cant quite bring yourself to go the whole way, try wrapping a scarf round and leave some hair exposed – go on, you know you want to!

Perfect turbans from



  • Sarah says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve been feeling the turban love for more than a year now, but having done the whole Madonna-in-Desperately-Seeking-Susan scarf around head thing in the 80s, I’m not sure how to wear it now. Howsabout a turban tying tutorial, rather than just pictures? There’s nothing like having your carefully tied scarf (neck or head) making a bid for freedom to make any of us feel a total wally – and it happens to us inept style-goons more frequently than we’d admit :-)

  • Sarah says:

    Also, unless you are Rudolph Valentino, the turban is so NOT a look for pasty white men! Karl Lagerfeld is out of his freaking mind.

  • Esmeralda says:

    They are very stylish and I would give it a go – but my head is the wrong shape and it never looks good.

  • Monix says:

    Hmm – feels a bit like too-try-hard-to-be-wacky to me when a middle aged, middle class, middle white, (and yes, I know that’s a smart pig, sort of how I feel today…) woman. Love the look otherwise…

    Monix (happy to see you quoted in Saturday’s Times Jane)

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