Street shot style: Forte dei Marmi

OK ladies, last of the Italian street style shots comes from possibly the most glamourous Italian beach resort ever, Forte dei Marmi, where everyone is gorgeous and quite rich (it’s a stonkingly expensive place to visit) so we’re in a slight fantasy world again here today. Everyone cycles, so in tribute to the brilliant Bradley Wiggins, I’ve included a few ways to look stylish on a bike, there’s even a yellow jersey.

The gold embroidered kaftan shift dress above is incredibly simple, but worn at the right length and accessorised with top class bag and shoes, something Italian women are masters at. Note how neat the width of the sleeve is, any wider and the look would have been less crisp, I also want those floral loose-legged trousers.

Below is really about the bike, with its floral basket and seat covers coordinating with the frame colour. What it is missing is a small dog in the basket, which I saw lots of. Love the layered skirt.

Everywhere I went in Italy there was MASSES of head-to-toe white, the lady on the left is once again accessorising well, with an orange clutch and a band of black in the hat and shoes. Great multi-stripe application below right, the broad fuchsia pink stripe across the black skirt is jolly, do you think they’ve deliberately coordinated their stripes?

Below is a VERY Italian way of doing white…not recommending it for everyday, but it looked amazing in the sun on this woman.

More crisp white below, livened up with a pop of bright orange in the leather bag. Thought her hair was pretty too….

I wanted to dash up to the woman on the left below and ask her where she got everything she was wearing from, the colour and print combos are so fresh and pretty. There was a lot of this pale aqua/ turquoise and washed-out cornflower blue around, as the base to prints or, as seen below right, worn head-to-toe as a maxi, smartened-up with a neat straw trilby. Isn’t that a neat way of coping with a maxi skirt btw? having it slightly higher at the front? We all remember Jane’s issues with this length…

Joyous sunflower yellow below, how could you be miserable wearing this lovely colour? I also loved the way she coordinated with her white bike and the sporty shoes made it look like she was off hiking later in the day.

Despite the healthy cycling gals, smoking is still very much part of the cool Italy psyche! Once again nice multi-blue colour combos and the shirt ruffle front looks modern rather than pretty worn with sleek cigarette pants (see what I did there? Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

Sorry for the blurry photos but LOVED the dip-dye, jewel coloured silk maxi skirt below left, so wanted to include it and the woman on the right is wearing a turban-tied, small polka dot print scarf to match her larger dot sundress, has she been reading the blog we wonder?

Finally some cute looking Italian men a few menswear trends…tonal blues is not just restricted to women as seen below, and the red trouser has had its day in Italy and has been firmly replaced by yellow ones. They were everywhere.

 Arrivederci from Italy! Hope you enjoyed the sunny break!


  • Cathy says:

    Thanks for all the posts on Italian style, it’s great to see these stylish women.

  • Sara says:

    These people are all just so sexy aren’t they? I appreciate they are probably all rich and it’s lovely and sunny but nonetheless. I would guess that none of these people do what I do and keep their nice things for “best” which means I don ‘t always use my clothes and accessories as well as I might. Is this a British disease do you think?

  • Amanda says:

    Oh Sara I am SO with you there! I think it is a British thing, we don’t like to spoil our best stuff or even look too ‘showy-offy’ in our clothes, where as the Italians are ALL about wearing the best of what they have, they really DON’T do scruffy. There’s a blog post in that I think Ax

  • Carla says:

    Amanda & Jane, I nominated you for a “One Lovely Blog” award Take a look – Carla x

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