The Womens Room fantasy shop: High summer occasion wear capsule collection

We are getting really quite carried away with the whole fantasy shop idea. Not only do we have the perfect shop fit and visual merchandising, we also have pattern cutters and knitwear designers and our favourite stylist (remember those fab shots from Toast of the women with long grey hair – they were her idea) has offered her services. Now all we need is a few hundred thousand pounds to get us started! But we won’t let a small thing like that stand in our way!

Here is our occasionwear capsule range which is due to hit down in store (retail term people, retail term!) this week! You know those weddings, summer parties, posh events and even nights out on holiday, when you never have anything to wear. Well you do now – in your dreams.

There would be a few less waisted styles than you see here and some very simple dresses with subtle embellishment. Everything also comes in either black or navy, with some items also in bright orange.

Now imagine how gorgeous that would be!


  • gillian taylor says:

    Its the Navy bit I like most! So very hard to buy anything Navy in the shops and if you do it is in the Granny Department!!!

  • Sarah says:

    I’d like deep fushia pink too, please!

  • Jane says:

    I agree Gillian, navy looks so good in occcasion wear. And I love bright pink as well as orange.

  • Sara says:

    I swear this fantasy shop business is actively contributing to my recovery (I am off work following an operation 2 weeks ago). Just thinking about the shop makes me feel better and better….
    I too love navy

  • Jane says:

    Get better soon Sara, glad we can help aid your recovery

  • Jill D says:

    Hurrah for Navy! My school uniform was navy and I have loved it ever since. I still hanker after my gingham check dress, felted wool blazer and flat lace ups…

  • Jude says:

    I’m with you on the Navy – I find black far too harsh these days, although I virtually lived in it throughout the 90’s. Navy with orange highlights – perfect!! Although I do love the all-white outfit…..

  • Emily says:

    I decided – at 40 – that a navy based wardrobe/uniform was the way to go. So much easier/stylish at my age than buying into silly trends for the sake of fashion. But so few stores do good navy pieces. (Cos are the best I think)? Anyway please open your fantasy store! Sounds fab…

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