The Gourmand: A magazine about food and culture

 While we love nothing more than the latest copy of the Sainsburys magazine (does that make us dull?) food magazines, like fashion magazines can get stuck in a rut when it comes to layout, features, photgraphy etc and it’s refreshing when you find a new publication that breaks the boundaries.

The Gourmand is a new magazine about the culture of food, which started with a dinner party hosted by the editors-in-chief Marina Tweed and Dave Lane where they discussed their initial ideas for editorial, illustration and photography projects with a group of friends, many of whom have contributed to the first issue.

You won’t find any ‘six simple supper recipes’ or features on the ‘humble potato’ here, as The Gourmand is inspired by a passion for food and the exciting range of new restaurants, bars, cafe’s, stalls and ingredients that are increasingly available to us.

Features in the first issue include American graphic artist Ed Fella’s favourite restaurant, the Cal Arts cafeteria, how to make the perfect Manhattan cocktail, Dazed and Confused editor, Rod Stanley eats his way around Brixton Market and Tim Burrows writes about  post-pub favourite cuisine, the kebab.

The editors say “The creation of The Gourmand is a testament to the communicative power of food, and its inherent relationship with the arts”.



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